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First and foremost, I am a wife and mother of two amazing kids! My name is Veronica Mendez but Vicki came about as a child for short and I've just been known as that! My love for makeup came out of boredom and thus began experimenting with different techniques. First by watching the good ole YouTube videos. I didn't even own a brush set until I was 21. After I learned to properly apply it to myself people started to take notice. In January 2012, I had my first paid client. I remember taking that $10 bill, YES $10, and taping it on my wall. In July 2012, I had my first wedding. Prior to that I researched schools that could teach me beyond the basics of bridal makeup. The Transformations Makeup Academy was my first stop. I was so amazed at how much theory and ethics are behind the beauty industry. Without that knowledge I wouldn't be as successful as I am now. Then came Halloween! Within that same year I decided to take another class at the Transformations Makeup Academy but this time in Special Effects/ Horror Makeup. At that moment, I found a passion that continues to ensue in me! Over time, I learned to create my own prosthetic appliances by sculpting and creating molds. The entire process is quite time consuming but knowing that every piece I make is my own makes it that more special to me! I'm always learning new techniques, taking courses in all aspects of makeup and consider myself to be self taught with people who have guided me along the way. 

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