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1o1 Private Makeup Class | Not Booking Until July 2020

1O1 Makeup class: $225.00 2 hour private session 

$25 Deposit required 

It is recommended that you bring all your makeup so I may go through and help you make the best out of what you already have and suggest new products if needed. During this 2 hour session, we will discuss everything from proper skin care to creating a specific look desired to learn. You may also choose to focus on solely on different eyeshadow techniques. However you choose to utilize this time is completely up to you. I will assist you in the makeup application process on yourself. I will also send over a complete lesson plan of everything you learned so that you may reference it for future makeup applications. This lesson plan will also contain a list of products I recommend you purchase as well as a direct link to purchase them online. I can assure that you will be pleased with all the new tips and tricks learned! 

Share your lesson with a friend and receive $25 off. 

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